Our Story

The Country lifestyle has been compromised…Taken hostage by fake cowboys and cowgirls.  Most who have never lifted a hammer or broken a nail. Through social media and music, Country has become soft and lost in translation.  Grit and Saddle is on a mission to bring Country back.  We are four hard working Country boys from the Northeast United States, raised up on the Bible, good morals, and down home country music.  We work hard and play hard, and range from car salesmen to firefighters.  We stand for the anthem and salute our heroes, both hometown, as well as the men and women that fight everyday so that we all may enjoy the freedoms of living in the United States of America.  We’re proud of where we come from and we live to show it !!


Grit and saddle only uses top quality fabrics and materials, with comfort, style, and customer satisfaction, as our main priority.



We live Free, Bold, and Brave.