Yee Yee Energy Video Shoot!

Posted by Aaron on May 17th 2017

Had a blast this past weekend shooting some video for our products. Even though it was spur of the moment and completely unscripted, one thing lead to another as we had some of Granger Smiths "Yee Yee Energy" sitting around.

Thanks to our amazing video guy @lukerihl (instagram), he was able to capture the moment so we could put together an epic yet hilarious video showing of some Country Boys having some weekend fun.

Up until an hour or so before we planned on actually filming, we had no idea who was even coming. It was truly a blessing seeing everyone show up and meeting some really cool people who might not be where we are from or might not live the same type of "Country" we live. But hey, thats what Country is all about. We hope to do more of these and capture the moment in every niche and genre of the County Way of Life. As we always say, its not where you're from, but its how you live. 

Special thanks to

Steve for letting us use some of his property to stage this at.

@lukerihl for capturing the moment with his video talents

I can't forget everyone that showed and helped out as well!













And More!

|Music By: Granger Smith - "Merica"|